Being vegan is empowering.

The second I stopped and realized: "I´ve been blind and walking through life like a zombie"; is the same second I took my power back. Why?

Because I believe being unaware of what animal consumption does to your body, planet and fellow earthlings is the most disempowering of lifestyles. It´s like signing a contract without reading it. By following blindly what´s normal you trade your freedom for obedience of tradition. You are disconnected from your true nature of love, a nature that when found from within would be kind to everyone and everything with no motive.

The first five minutes I watched from a vegan documentary ever were enough to DECIDE: "I don´t want to support this horror. This is not who I am. This doesn´t feel right. If I can´t watch a minute of this, ¿how must they feel? If I don´t want to be treated like that, ¿why I´m I doing this to them? I love animals, nature, life, SUPPORTING THIS IS NOT LOVING THEM. My beliefs don´t make me a better person, my behaviour does. This stops today". And it did. How? You  J U S T   D O   I T .

I´ve been told many times: "I want to try eating less meat, but: BABY STEPS". And I´ve said to them: "Sure, I understand." But that´s actually a lie because I don´t. I grew out of my baby shoes a long time ago, now I walk as an adult the life I DECIDE I want for myself and everyone else. A life that vibrates from love and does not open space for harming anyone intentionally. That includes all beings and planet earth. Is it hard? No, its´ not. We are all clever, capable and loving, we can all do it. Yet days go by and animals are still being killed, used and abused, forests burn, people get ill and you´re still stuck in "I want to, but: BABY STEPS".  A baby wouldn´t be reading this because it literally doesn´t know how to. You do.

I understand everyone has their own pace and that no one should be told what to or what not to do. In trying to communicate the importance of considering veganism we are daily judged as aggressive, radical, obsessive, preachy, crazy, etc. Many of us don´t even use the word VEGAN because it´s seen as negative. I´m still learning not to shrink myself to fit places I´ve outgrown in order to avoid uncomfortable situations with people who are not ready to take full action. The thing is: Ready or not, it´s time. We are being called by nature to wake up, search within, remember our true nature of love and move together towards a more peaceful and healthy world.

To me, veganism is a discipline and a spiritual awakening. A discipline that represents one of the strongest forms of self and selfless love. It’s ignoring current pleasures for biggest rewards to come. It’s keeping agreements I’ve made with myself, agreements that make me feel so powerful I promised myself never to settle for anything less. It is presented as a way to evolve or repeat, you are free to choose. I DECIDE to eat, dress and entertain myself in harmony with my feelings. When I don’t, I get ill, I contribute to destroying the planet and to commiting crimes against animals I can’t even watch.

I believe WE ARE ONE, and that the planet needs more peacemakers and lovers of all kinds. I believe in order to evolve together as one we need to first evolve individually and understand that LOVE is the answer to everything everywhere. I believe we need to live simpler lives based on unconditional love for the Earth to reclaim it´s natural order. I believe immediate solutions to cease a fire are worthless efforts if not paralleled to a spiritual awakening of the souls that caused it, us all. I believe we are energy and when we focus on love, love grows. I believe a vegan lifestyle is a huge step towards inner and outer peace.