what lights you up?

Your heart knows what it wants... Mine is exactly what both of this cards say: "Birthing new creations. Dreaming a new world into being." "Many starseeds spend part of their lives trying to fit in or in some form of spiritual closet. If you are dimming your light to fit in, it’s time that you stop and start embracing the unique light that you came here to share, and treat your time on Earth like a glorious vacation." "Often our path is exactly the one that we don’t feel prepared to walk. Walk it anyway. Often what is rising feels far bigger than we could possibly hold. Be a container for it anyway. Often our creations seem to have a wild, uncontrollable consciousness of their own. Birth them anyway. Often what is ours to do is the very thing that most intimidate us. Be courageous and do it anyway. We are birthing a new age."



Uno de los regalos mas lindos que he recibido en la vida, #soundhealing con la dulce Sarah MacMillan de @begenerationlove en mi segundo hogar Yoga Studio y compartido con mi amor Margarita Lasso que ilumina mi existencia solo con su presencia ^_^

saramargieet moi.jpg