the pig song.

Emoji Natur-12.png

you see ham,
I see haRm.
you see yumm,
it’s a yuck! 

don’t be mean,
they can´t speak,
let them live,
make the switch.

rub their belly,
they love that.
ditch pork belly,
it’s a crime. 

they have eyes,
they have hearts,
they can see,
they can cry. 

you can live
out of plants,
it’s delicious
power stuff. 

tacos, burros,
you can have,
burgers, pizza
and all that. 

pigs are awesome,
so are you,
let them blossom,
you’ll do too. 

so next bacon
that you order,
please remember
how they suffer. 

be that person
who saves lives,
link behaviour
to your heart.