I wrote a poem for Elena.

home, this is where I’ve been,
reading & cooking & thinking a bit.
I listen to music & dance by myself,
you’re welcome to visit,
take off your shoes first.

my home is my temple,
where I spoil myself.
myself is amazing,
shout out to the girls!!

there’s candles & incense,
all kinds of natural smells.
my friends call me “hippie”,
hey! I’m vegan as well ;)

to this happy house,
ELENA is the queen.
the queen of my life,
and all of the bees.

she harms non of them
cause she understands
the importance of caring
with all of her heart.

my sweet little baby,
you’ll have a new sis,
you’ll share your life with her,
you’ll show her the trees.

you’ll have to share auntie,
Penny, Jessie & their little pea...
but don’t worry baby,
cause sharing is a bliss!

my home is your home,
your sister’s home too.
remember I’m here,
always waiting for you.

this poem is yours,
well written? who cares!
there’s no place like home,
like Dorothy said.

Elena is my 2 year old niece ^_^

Me at home :)