you see ham,
I see haRm.
you see yumm,
it’s a yuck! 

don’t be mean,
they can´t speak,
let them live,
make the switch.

rub their belly,
they love that.
ditch pork belly,
it’s a crime. 

they have eyes,
they have hearts,
they can see,
they can cry. 

you can live
out of plants,
it’s delicious
power stuff. 

tacos, burros,
you can have,
burgers, pizza
and all that. 

pigs are awesome,
so are you,
let them blossom,
you’ll do too. 

so next bacon
that you order,
please remember
how they suffer. 

be that person
who saves lives,
link behaviour
to your heart. 


the pig song.

I wrote a poem for me.

I´m greatful,
I´m not who I used to be.
It´s been great fun,
to work on improving me.

I´ve used my abilities to grow,
started almost a year ago,
and though I can´t do the crow
I´m getting better at my flow.



plant-based food photographer ★*

Suena emocionante! Tuve una revelación y Plant- based food photography es desde hoy lo mío. He decidido convertirme en una fotógrafa increíble de comida PLANT BASED… Me verán trabajar por eso ^_^


Mis pinitos en De/Raíz y el trabajo que me llevo a tomar esta decisión.


no-name today.


yellow or grey,
a day is a day.
shiny or wet,
enjoy all of them.

as long as you breathe,
today is a day,
be willing to play,
no rules to obey.

let´s try this out:
forget all the names!
breathe in and breathe out,
till words fly away.

so yellow or grey,
shiny or wet,
monday or sunday,
all perfect todays.



reflexionando sobre mis paisajes.

son experimentos visuales donde creo lugares que forman un vínculo entre el mundo en el que vivimos y una dimensión más surreal. Incoherencias temporales de posibilidades físicas tanto reconocibles como inalcanzables. A través de una estética psicodélica donde el color es el componente más destacado, este elemento de fantasía abre puertas a otros mundos y pensamientos.  

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living,
it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”

— Dr. Seuss


Awoken, 2019. Joshua Tree National Park.

Más fotos de este viaje a California aquí.

I have a new job! :D

This month I started working at De/raíz, ¨a restaurant-cafe that uses the best plant based ingredients to innovate in its gastronomic offer¨ []. This is actually my favourite restaurant in Bogotá, so I´m excited as excited can be!! ^_^

Check out some of the photos I´ve already done for them: De/raíz by me.


A veces soy voluntaria.

Me gusta mucho hacerlo, en especial cuando se trata de niños. Esta vez para el proyecto social Karma Sangha de Yoga Studio, creado por mi amiga y profe de yoga Cristina Pérez. Es un programa divino que busca llevar las enseñanzas de la práctica de yoga a todos los rincones de Colombia. ^_^


I wrote a poem for Elena.

home, this is where I’ve been,
reading & cooking & thinking a bit.
I listen to music & dance by myself,
you’re welcome to visit,
just remove your shoes first.

my home is my temple,
where I spoil myself.
myself is amazing,
shout out to the girls!!

there’s candles & incense,
in fact, all kinds of esoteric smells.
my friends call me “hippie”,
hey! I’m vegan as well ;)

to this happy house,
ELENA is the queen.
the queen of my life,
and all of the bees.

she harms non of them
cause she understands
the importance of caring
with all of her heart.

my sweet little baby,
you’ll have a new sis,
you’ll share your life with her,
you’ll show her the trees.

you’ll have to share auntie,
Penny, Jessie & their little pea...
but don’t worry baby,
cause sharing is a bliss!

my home is your home,
your sister’s home too.
remember I’m here,
always waiting for you.

this poem is yours,
well written? who cares!
there’s no place like home,
like Dorothy said.

Elena is my 2 year old niece ^_^

Me at home :)