Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living,
it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”

Dr. Seuss


~ fisher rock ~

A series inspired by my childhood summer holiday memories. They were, almost without an exception, spent in the beautiful island of San Andrés where my grandparents once lived. Besides living in this heavenly island, they owned a toy store, so this island was actually a dreamland to my brother and me. As time goes by everything changes, some are born while others pass away. The sense of peace and calm created by the wind, the salty smell and the gentle sound of the waves now belong to the loved ones I shared with that time and space.

PS. ~ fisher rock ~ was the name of my grandparents home.


I’ve always loved nature, this includes all animals, plants and planet Earth. Consequently, I have recently chosen a vegan path that aligns with my core values. I bring awareness to all of my daily choices ensuring a compassionate approach to all of my fellow earthlings. This series I bring forth to you is a new begining and a work in progress for me. And like new beginnings, I am as excited as excited can be.

I hope you enjoy it :)

#compassion #justice #equality #freedom #peace #harmony


~ california ~

My dad is the best road trip buddy in the world. He´s fun, wise and he knows me. He knows that I will definitely want to stop 100 times to see every cool landscape, waterfall or animal on the road, and he does! I cherish every moment spent with my dad during this trip, away from reality. Sometimes all it takes to reconnect is a little bit of travel and time in nature.


~ light experiments ~


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